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What is Ping Test for games?

What is Ping Test for games?

This test allows you to see the difference ping makes in your game.

It is especially useful for people with a net connection but can be used by anyone looking at games and what not.

The way it works is that you input if your “ping” (the time it takes your computer to send out information then wait for response, or how long it takes for packets of data from one place to another) is high/low/medium/etc .

This means if its a high ping, all the data will get there late because of how far away the server is sending out their reply. If it’s medium ping, some may make it on time and others late depending on if the data was sent too early or late. If it’s low ping, then all information will make it on time because of how close the server is to you.

To give examples of this, if someone with a high ping attempts rocket jump onto something directly above them (that can happen on half life servers when jumping down from a ledge), they won’t get there in time and fall off. Someone with medium ping makes the jump but their rocket fires too soon or too late depending on which way they were aiming for that result as well as someone with low ping making it on time even though they jumped at the same time.

It never matters how fast, only that it arrives when needed. Do remember though that higher pings do have a more difficult time making the jump considering the distance it is and the speed of information being pushed through on wires.

If you want to test Ping

For an example with quake 3, if you were in deathmatch and had low ping (20-50ms) compared to someone with medium ping (100-150ms), a rocket might be fired from one person then ‘catch up’ to someone else whose ping was lower than them to realize they didn’t have to shoot yet because it would hit before they could fire their own shot as well as a high ping result from someone getting hit at the same time or after another player’s attack while aiming.

In heavy team games with lots of people, low ping can look like you are following someone around the map when you aren’t. A good example would be watching a scout in TF2 where a person is normally running at about 116 fps (with a ping of 40ms), and that same person runs into another player who has 200 ping (so @ 25fps). This results in the scout appearing to be stationary while an enemy is running in place.

The quality of your connection may also effect how well things ‘feel’.

For instance wireless connections tend to suffer from ‘jitter’, which can make it feel like you never hit anything you aim at. Cable connections don’t usually have this problem as much, but they


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